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Walk 'n Talk Therapies

 Re-Connecting with Nature as Healer

One Hour Sessions ¦ Day Trips ¦ Overnight & Weekend Breaks ¦ 24 Hours Notice Required

 » Walking outdoors is in itself now widely accepted as being of particular benefit to individuals suffering from Depression and Anxiety states. Our Walk 'n Talk services add Therapy to the mix as an ingredient that can be a significant catalyst in the process of breaking cycles of negative thinking and behaviour patterns, that often re-enforce such conditions.

 » The active element of the Therapy alone not only brings the benefit of Endorphine release, the body's natural anti-depressant, but also breaks clients out of lethargic behaviour patterns, it breaks the chain. This will often be accompanied very quickly with the rewards of improved levels of self-esteem and confidence.

 » This is when the Therapy really kicks in. Once a client becomes aware of even the possibility of Hope, that there is a way out of their current difficulties, the Therapy will actively encourage a sustained positive mental approach towards change.

 » Yes, there is always the important listening element, making a client feel heard ... but importantly, this particular service is deliberately focused on a more pro-active approach, with the emphasis on action rather than just talk.

 » Action is the key catalyst in the process of Change, in breaking Old Behaviour patterns and reaping the rewards of doing so. Thus in turn, it is this action that plays a vital role in a client Empowering themselves and improving their quality of life.

 » Phone : 07974 062 197
 » Email : chris@grovecounselling.co.uk