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Therapy Outdoors

 A Breath of Fresh Air

 1 Hour Sessions (Extendable) ¦ Day Trips ¦ Weekend Breaks ¦ 24 Hours Notice Required

  • Therapy Outdoors

     » Walk 'n Talk Therapies : From £35
    Available in 3 flexible formats, of varying duration and location, our Walk 'n Talk services are quite literally a welcome 'Breath of Fresh Air'.

Therapy has left the Building !

 » Most of us can identify with the positive sensations associated with feeling the sun on our face, or the breeze in our hair. Combine this with the fact that we are often able to see things with a different perspective and more clarity, once we are removed from the stressful situations that often act as our 'triggers', and we find ourselves in an ideal environment for Therapy to take place.

 » In 2007, the University of Essex was comissioned by the Mental Health Charity MIND, to research the effects of being outdoors on feelings of personal wellbeing.

 » A staggering 88 % of those who took part in the study reported an improvement in their mood within 5 minutes of being in an outdoor environment. Imagine what the figure could be if both light exercise and Therapy were thrown into the mix.

 » To arrange a session, please call or leave a message.

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