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Personal Therapy

 Getting To Know You

 Affordable ¦ Confidential ¦ Appointments within 24 hours

  • Personal Therapy

     » Duration : 1 Hour
     » Location : Consultation Room
     » Current Special Offer Available : No
     »  Standard Fee : £30

 » Client Testimonials

" Coming to terms with the breakdown of my marriage after twenty years and helping me to resolve the issues. I never thought that I would be in need of counselling, as I always thought that I could cope, and could manage. Chris has helped me increase my confidence, and re-build my self-esteem. I am a very private person, but was able to talk freely about all my innermost thoughts and feelings. I was never made to feel as though I was being silly, or stupid, or emotional. Chris has made me realise that it's OK to be who I really am, and that it's OK to follow the route that I really want for myself, and not the one that I think other people are expecting from me. Chris is still helping me to re-build my life. I wish that I had contacted them much sooner. Thank you so much. "

Louise, Marple Bridge

" I have worked with Chris over the last few years on varying issues as and when they arrived. Chris has always helped me to find my own solutions quicker than I might have been able to by myself. Chris is a very attentive listener with a skill for insight that still often surprises me. With much gratitude for all your help, thank you. "

Jane, Bramhall

 » To arrange a session, please call or leave a message.

Mobile : 07974 062 197
Email : chris@grovecounselling.co.uk