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Alcohol Detox

 Home and Residential Alcohol Detox Programs

 Affordable ¦ Confidential ¦ Flexible ¦ Home Visits

  • Alcohol Detox and Rehab

     » Duration : Variable
     » Location : Home or Residential
     » Fees : Variable
     » Initial Assessment : 2 Hours  *
     » Assessment Fee : £40

 *  Confidential initial assessment is home based unless otherwise requested.

Our Alcohol detox and rehab programs comprise of 4 distinct stages which are applicable to both an entirely Home based or Residential Detox.

 » Assessment

Initial assessment will almost always take place in your own home. The process will normally last up to 2 hours and largely consists of establishing an appropriate plan of action based on the needs of the client. The focus is very much on formulating a plan of action that is likely to succeed, at the right pace for the individual client.

 » Reducing

During this stage, a client will begin to reduce their daily intake of Alcohol and commence counselling sessions until they feel ready to move on to a full detox. The duration of this stage depends on the individual, in particular relation to their previous daily levels of alcohol intake.

 » Detox (Abstinence)

This critical stage lasts initially for a minimum of 72 hours to allow the body time to adapt to the short term effects of ceasing to take alcohol at all. During this 3 day period the client will also have daily counselling sessions which can be reduced in frequency from that point depending how the client feels about their progress.

 » Relapse Prevention

Initially this will involve twice weekly counselling sessions for a period of 4 weeks. At the end of this period a client has the option of moving to weekly or monthly sessions, or ending the sessions completely.

 » To arrange an assessment, please call or leave a message.

Mobile : 07974 062 197
Email : chris@grovecounselling.co.uk