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 Making Nature the Office

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  • Walk 'n Talk Local

     » Duration : Minimum 1 hour ( Extendable ) * 
     » Location : Set locations, OR your preference
     » Current Special Offer Available : No
     » Fee : £35
     * Fee of only £10 per extra ½ hour

 » Walk 'n Talk Local sessions are not physically demanding and will usually combine a gentle stroll with seated periods in a secluded spot, so it's worth bringing a drink along with you.

 » For Counselling sessions, walks will usually take place in quieter locations and ideally when the great British weather is in benevolent mood!

 » Locations : There are far too many superb locations to list in full here. But here is a sample of the places around the region that we often visit with clients, depending on where they actually live, or indeed choose to have the Walk 'n Talk session.

 » In no particular order; Lyme Park, Alderly Edge, Poynton Pool, Bramhall Park, Etherow Country Park, Marple Canal, The Middlewood Way, Dunham Massey.

 » The Walk 'n Talk Local service is available year round and can easily be incorporated into other services.

 » Client Testimonials

" I have been on the Walk N Talk experience with Chris a few times over of the last couple of years, usually for a couple of hours at a time. I found the simple fact being outside made it much easier to feel connected and as a result much more at ease about talking and opening up than I would have done in an enclosed office setting. Highly recommended for those of a similar disposition, thank you Chris. "

Carol, High Lane

  Walk 'n Talk - Garden

Walk 'n Talk - Happy Valley

 » Phone : 07974 062 197
 » Email : walkntalk@grovecounselling.co.uk